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Welcome To Clinton's Hometown Telephone Directory Online

This free service is brought to you by Sooner Publishing, Marketing & Creations, Inc.. This website has been made possible by the advertisers in the Yellow Pages. When you call our advertisers tell them that you saw their ad in print and on the new online Yellow Pages!

  Clinton's Hometown Telephone Directory Online!  

Don't just compare ours ads to the "other" books or online directories. Just ask our ever-growing list of satisfied customers why they choose to work with us again and again. Sooner Publishing, Marketing & Creations, Inc. is THE answer to your advertising questions.

We'll help you analyze your present advertising plan, make suggestions as to how you might use your precious advertising dollars most effectively and design a custom ad based on upon collaborated thoughts.

We'll help you reach prospective customers in a cost-effective way and within your budget. When it comes to printed material, we're the best in the business. You can see it first hand when you pick up a directory and by browsing this site.

For years we've worked with companies large and small to improve both their image and their bottom line while keeping their advertising costs down. We can help you, too.

Contact us or give us a call today and ask about advertising with Sooner Publishing, Marketing & Creations, Inc. and on this site today!


More reasons to chose us:

  • Large White Page Print

  • Free Professional Ad Design Service

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  • Banner Ad Creation

  • We Keep Your Advertising Dollars Local     

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